Quick install, quicker truck

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Tyler Montgomery took to YouTube to show off his installation of a Banks PedalMonster in his “Beast,” a 2021 Ford F-250 Power Stroke. Funny enough. the installation process was actually barely mentioned because of the easy plug-and-play nature of the PedalMonster. 

Tyler added an OBD-II splitter allowing him to use his AMP power steps and the PedalMonster, which are both powered by the OBD-II port. He also made a point in the video to show the PedalMonster’s Reverse Safety feature that senses when the truck is put in reverse, returning the vehicle to stock throttle response. While having an adjustable response in forward gears is great, having that same response backing up a trailer isn’t ideal. That’s when the stock slow response is appreciated.

Tyler closed out the video with, “I’m loving it! The hardest part of the install was tying up all the wires under the dashboard. I think it’s well worth the price, and it makes a huge difference in my 6.7L. Banks, you guys make a great product, as always, and it’s street-legal!”