PedalMonster Revving up for Nissan, soon for Toyota and Honda

Banks continues to add new applications for its PedalMonster, with Nissan being the latest line of trucks and SUVs benefitting from the new throttle sensitivity device. The PedalMonster is controlled with either an iDash DataMonster, iDash SuperGauge, or the PedalMonster mobile app (iOS and Android). In all versions, you can View PedalMonster’s activity in real-time, but When used with iDash you can monitor vital engine and transmission OBD-II data, control PedalMonster levels and trim, and use any of the other Banks sensor modules. Best of all is that the features and ActiveSafety are baked into every PedalMonster, so Nissan owners can not only enjoy a more responsive vehicle, but a do so with peace of mind.

Banks isn’t stopping at Nissan. Their team of engineers is working on Toyota and Honda applications which will be ready soon to remove that “sponge pedal” from the vehicle and rocket owners to a more enjoyable driving experience.

 Nissan owners, check out the PedalMonster for yourself.