GM Authority Reports on PedalMonster

GM Authority (a mainstay website for GM related stories, forums, reviews, and rumors) picked up that Banks had recently released a video on the company’s latest product, the PedalMonster. The informative video hosted by Gale Banks himself explains the methodology of throttle enhancement devices in general, and how the new Banks product differs significantly from the rest of the crop. 

Explained through video examples while on the road showcasing Banks’ exclusive ActiveSafety system, Mr. Banks showed that when power is cut going to the competition that they leave the driver with a very dangerous deactivated throttle pedal. In comparison, Bank’s system of advanced circuitry and relays ensures constant throttle is available. In addition to the road tests, Gale presents graphs and diagrams to back up the superiority of the PedalMonster and drives the differences home with facts. Gale further explains and shows how customers can tune their driving experience with the Banks device.

Check out the review and video.

Check out the product for yourself here.