Going Banks Brings Better Mileage 

“Let me tell you about my journey with Banks,” explains Jeff Yoakum. “My truck is a 2021 RAM 3500 4×4. I tow my 5,000 lb. trailer every day because I have a mobile detailing business. If it’s not pulling my detail trailer, it’s pulling my 12,000 lb. fifth wheel. The cool thing about detailing is that I get to see the ins and outs of the vehicles that I’m servicing. I really liked the RAM. After buying it, I quickly learned about the grid heater bolt problem through Gale’s videos. These trucks cost way too much for that problem to exist. I immediately ordered the Monster-Ram to take care of the issue. Not only did adding the Monster-Ram give me peace of mind, but it made the engine sound and perform better.”

“The next thing that I got from Banks was the Boost Tube Upgrade and 5″ Monster Exhaust. Now everything seems to be working in harmony. Since installing the parts, we’ve towed my 37′ fifth wheel to my father-in-law’s house, which was about 2-1/2 hours away during a windy day. I got about 2.5 more miles per gallon. The other thing that I noticed was that my RPMs were lower during cruising. We left the trailer there and on the return trip to my house, we got around 20.5 mpg. My truck has always gotten 15 mpg—ALWAYS! It blew my mind! Needless to say, I was pretty curious to see what I’d get pulling my detail trailer in town. I’ve had the parts on for about a month so far and I’m averaging 16.5 mpg, and I usually get around 13 or even 14 mpg if I’m lucky. Again, I’m just blown away!”

“I love Banks, and I love watching their YouTube Channel. The videos are fantastic, and I can’t wait to do the Ram-Air Differential Cover and the PedalMonster. I’m a believer. I tell folks all the time that Banks is the real deal!”