Out with the old. In with the iDash.

Most customers don’t realize that the Banks iDash SuperGauge and iDash DataMonster are fully compatible with Banks tuners sold years ago. They can easily replace a Banks iQ, or even a Banks PowerPDA from 20 years ago. David Ott is one of those who discovered this after buying an iDash SuperGauge as an update for the old PowerPDA system in his son’s 2003 F-350 Power Stroke.

“My Son is a 1st Lt Marine Infantry Officer”, explained David. “He’s currently stationed in the Persian Gulf. His truck may be an older Ford, but it’s awesome. It’s been fully bulletproofed, the transmission updated, and it had a bunch of performance stuff done to it already, mostly Banks. Some of the Banks include an Intercooler Upgrade with High-Ram and Boost TubesRam-Air IntakeMonster Sport Exhaust, and the Six-Gun tuner with a PowerPDA. I was going through it while he’s been away so that when he gets back it’s ready to go. I felt it was time to upgrade as the PDA was struggling with age. We originally had our eyes on the Edge CTS, but when I looked into the Banks iDash I found that it was not only a much better device that let us control the tuner’s power level (something the Edge would not do), but it plugs into the existing Banks tuner. He has larger wheels and tires and with simple settings, the iDash accurately displays the right speed too.”

“I’ve done some minor setting up on the iDash, but the truck is his baby so I’m going to let him at it. You know the truck is something that totally fits him, and now with all of the parameters and personalization that you can do with the SuperGauge, the display be as unique as my son and his truck.”