Monster-Ram Is Great Insurance

John Stach recently installed the Monster-Ram intake system and Boost Tube Upgrade for his daily-driven 2018 Ram 2500. Other than his trips around town and occasionally pulling his 24’ trailer, the miles on the odometer barely click past 27,000. John lives in North Idaho and because of the colder climate, he was afraid his Cummins grid heater would fail prematurely. “It’s a well-known issue. This truck is a substantial investment, and I’m not wanting to pay for an engine rebuild because of a part’s design flaw. The Monster-Ram is a fraction of what I’d have to pay for a repair, so it’s a great investment. I could have just gone with a heater-delete, but I need that heater and I think it’s great that it also adds some throttle response. That’s what led me to the Banks Monster-Ram. I’m a backyard mechanic, but with the videos on YouTube, it was better than I thought. The whole thing took me about 11 hours, mostly because I’m so meticulous. When I took the parts out of the box I was blown away at the quality of the kit.”

“Here’s something that really impressed me. If you don’t want to run the new coil heater that Banks provides, they also give you a machined bolt with the Banks logo etched on it. It seems small, but to me, it shows they went the extra mile. I’ve never been the kind of guy that had dreams about building up my truck. It’s a truck, and it does what it was built to do. I have to tell you Banks ruined that for me, and I can’t wait to get the next round of parts for my truck from Banks. I’m thinking that the PedalMonster and an iDash should be next.

And here’s another thing that is really impressive: my customer experience has been nothing less than mind-blowing. Before the purchase, the buying process, and after the purchase have been on a level that companies just don’t do anymore. I’ve been won over, so much so that only Cummins and Banks badges are on my truck.”