Mechanic Reviews iDash and PedalMonster

Utah-based diesel mechanic Greg Nelson recently reviewed an iDash DataMonster and PedalMonster combo for his DemonWorks YouTube channel. Greg does an excellent job explaining how the PedalMonster functions explaining that “It is completely adjustable to the levels you desire based on your driving style. In my use, I noticed a complete elimination of turbo lag and an improved driving experience.”

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What is a diesel mechanic concerned with? Well, if he owns a 2022-1/2 Silverado 1500 with a 3.0L LZ0 Duramax engine, he’s concerned with overall driveability and DPF regen frequency.

Greg is a Utah-based mechanic who loves using the iDash

Greg immediately goes into a demonstration of how he uses his iDash, showing the different information pages that he has set up where at a glance he can see what he wants. One of the more important readings to him is the DPF REGEN%. “This is helpful to know because if I see it getting to 100% I will intentionally keep on driving so that it completes a regen. I do have an alarm set at 95% so that in case I didn’t notice it getting that high it allows me to prepare.”

The mechanic also loves how easy it was to pair the iDash and PedalMonster

Demonstrating the gauge “page” system of the iDash, Greg toggles through his customized pages, explaining the groupings and colors he has selected for each. He also details his custom warnings to help tow safely. Greg has his iDash dialed in to show him what he wants, while the PedalMonster keeps a smile on his face.

If mechanics are recommending these products, it’s safe to say they’re good. Thanks for the review, Greg!