Long Haul with Banks Diff Cover

Customer Jeff T. wants his 2020 Ford F-250 for the long haul, so he purchased a Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover. He wanted to let us know his thoughts on the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover he recently purchased for his 2020 Ford F-250: “I just received and installed the Banks rear diff cover on my Dana 275. I’m very pleased with everything about it. Installation was easy, and everything I needed came in the kit.” 

Jeff uses his F-250 for the long haul

The Banks Diff Cover has axle-tube guides to direct fluid to axle bearings without churn. The ring gear raceway provides a path for fluid flow to pinion and ring gear-bearing sets. Overall, these are just two features that help trucks keep going through the long haul. A significant amount of truck owners of many makes are making the switch.

“I don’t really do a bunch of towing,” says Jeff. “But if I can make sure my truck lasts for the long haul with a product, then it’s money well spent. The Banks diff cover just makes sense. My truck is a daily driver, and I want products that will ensure it’s always usable. I also want more power, so I’ve already added the Banks Monster Exhaust. I’ll be getting the Ram-Air Intake next.”