Diff Cover Testimonial

This is a review chosen from the thousands of happy customer testimonies we receive from those who have invested in the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover. Ray U. wrote an enthusiastic diff cover testimonial and we wanted to share it.

Ray U. wrote: “Looks amazing, with great features! I love my new rear differential. Looks great and came with everything needed for the installation. Banks put a lot of thought into this. The sight glass and drain/fill plug rock.”

Ray U. writes a diff cover testimonial after buying one in black.

Ray continued, “It came well packaged with everything I needed including thread lock. I was due for a fluid change and remembered seeing Banks’ competitive rear diffs on YouTube, and how well they worked.

Thanks for the testimonial, Ray! We’re glad you are enjoying your diff cover.

I got mine in all black for use on my Ram 3500.

Ray U

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