Getting Kids Invested

Jason Finley is doing something we’re seeing a little more often these days: getting kids off the couch and away from their screens. In this case, Jason is using the family’s new 2022 Ford F-350 Tremor as the teaching aide. “Installing the Banks Ram-Air Intake was a great bonding time with my two boys. For the little guy who just turned six and the oldest that’s nine, it was also a way to get them away from the iPad and to do something with their hands. I made sure to have them wear shop gloves, which they loved, and there’s a blanket on the side so that they don’t scratch up the truck.”

He continued, “This was the first time for us doing something like this, and even though it took a lot longer to install with them than it should have because they’re so young, we’re going to be doing more on this truck together. It’s the family mobile, and the boys like driving around in the ‘Big Truck,’ and it’s important to have a sense of pride in it.”

Jason is getting kids away from screens and learning to work with their hands.

“It’s a new truck and I want to keep it nice. I’m not looking to hot rod it, just get a little more performance out of it. I added a PedalMonster late last year. Honestly, I did put on the Pedal Commander first. I wanted some better throttle response and I wasn’t happy with it. The throttle response was really glitchy. I had them send me a new one. Then the truck would stall out. It was horrible.”

“I went to research what Banks had and read up on the PedalMonster. Bought it, and it was a phenomenal improvement over the other. I love the options like the Speed Trim, and the Bluetooth, and how smooth the response is. It started me on this performance journey, really. Got me sucked in! It’s because the quality is by far the best. I just bought the exhaust, and the Ram-Air Differential is next. We don’t know what we’re going to tow with it, but we know now that with the improvements we won’t have a problem.”

Lots of parents are helping their kids get off the couch and learn something valuable. Banks is a family owned business and we’re proud we could be a part of that learning experience.