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We’re in the “Diesel” Army Now

Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover: Extends Diff Life & Improves Reliability

Looking to extend the life of your truck’s differential? The Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover is a great way to improve cooling and reliability. This aftermarket part is designed to replace the stock differential cover and features patented Ram-Air scoops that direct road air up through heat rejection fins. This improved airflow helps to keep your differential cooler, which can extend its lifespan and improve overall truck performance.

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Alaskan RAM in Los Angeles

Upgrade Your Ride Like a Pro: LeRoy Johnson’s Alaskan Adventure with Banks Power

Looking to take your truck to the next level? LeRoy Johnson, a seasoned Alaskan driver, proves why Banks Power is the ultimate choice for serious upgrades.

LeRoy’s story is one of passion and performance. He wasn’t satisfied with just any parts – he drove 3,384 miles to have Banks parts installed directly at the factory. From the Monster-Ram Intake to the Ram-Air Diff Cover, LeRoy’s truck is built for adventure and efficiency.

Ready to experience the Banks Power difference? Find out how Banks parts can transform your vehicle’s performance and conquer any challenge, just like LeRoy.

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3rd Gen RAM Gets Cooler

Is your differential overheating? Upgrade your ride with the Banks Power Ram-Air Differential Cover Kit! This patented design improves airflow and cooling, extending the life of your gears. The easy-to-install cover features a dry-mount, high-pressure silicone O-ring seal for a leak-free fit. Check out Erik’s video installation on his 3rd Gen RAM to see how Banks Power keeps your truck running cool.

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