Lego Duramax

Behold the first Lego Duramax! When Jeff set out to build his dream truck he knew he wanted to do it using Banks parts, but another part of the criteria was that he wanted to use it as a teaching opportunity for his 12-year-old daughter. “She’s a daddy’s girl, and very inquisitive. Always building something with her Legos, and taking things apart. Other than putting the Legos together, I wanted her to know what it was like putting things back together… so this is where my 2020 Duramax-powered GMC came in.”

“We haven’t installed everything, but we’re taking our time. We installed the iDash SuperGauge, the PedalMonster, and Derringer, and are putting in the Ram-Air Intake this weekend. Still on the list is the Ram-Air Differential Cover, and 5” Monster Exhaust. To commemorate our “collaboration” on the project, she built a Duramax engine trophy. And you know when you think about it, the parts are installed just as easily as Legos.”

Plenty of parents and educators use Banks videos and install projects as teaching aids for kids. Duramax owners especially love teaching their kids how to install parts. Shop now for your next learning project and non-lego Duramax parts now!