Laser Beams and Glow Plugs

We don’t have laser beams, but we do have glow plugs and verification. When using third-party parts and equipment, we “trust and verify.” Although we trust that the function does what the manufacturer claims, we still verify. It’s what any decent engineer should do. In the case of these special glow pugs, we were told that they heat to a specific constant temp.

To verify that each one does in fact, meet its specifications, we use an LED-targeted infrared transducer to measure an exact spot on the glow plug. No, it’s not actually a laser. We just thought the title of the article sounded better with laser in the title. 

It's not actually a laser, it's an LED-targeted infrared transducer

The $2,000 IFM TW2101 sensor has an impressive temperature range of 482°F to 2912°F and is often used in the glass, steel, and ceramics industries. A thermocouple was placed 0.05″ from the tip of the glow plug to measure radiant heat.

Measuring radiant heat

When our name is attached to a project, it must meet or exceed expectations. Nothing less is acceptable. The Banks team goes above and beyond to test everything we put out to ensure our customers always get the best. We test the products that test our products, and that’s why you can trust Banks.