Jerry Can’t Stop Smiling

He may need to see a doctor. His smile has persisted for over four hours.

Jerry drove from Washington state to Banks’ Azusa, CA campus to have his parts installed at the source. And, these parts did not disappoint. 

The 2018 GMC Denali is Jerry’s second and final Duramax-powered truck. According to the retired ironworker, this is the truck he’ll have for the rest of his life. Jerry wanted something that rode nice enough to please his wife, yet delivered the power to pull his trailer and other toys. The Sierra Denali fit the bill perfectly, except for one area—acceleration. OK, two areas—acceleration and power. After driving the truck for a few thousand miles, Jerry wanted more than the 404 hp GM had given him at the factory. After watching a few of Gale’s videos on the L5P platform, Jerry decided to take the plunge. But he wasn’t going to just dip his toes in the Banks water. He jumped in with both feet. He added the Banks Derringer tuner with iDash DataMonster monitor, PedalMonster throttle boosterRam-Air cold air intake5″ Monster Exhaust with SideKick zero back pressure tip, and Ram-Air rear diff cover. Jerry’s pulled his truck out of the install bay with 98 more ponies than when he drove it in.

His reaction is priceless. Watch and you’ll see what we mean.