2017 Challenger GT 3.6L All-Wheel Drive

Paul Thompson couldn’t be happier with what the PedalMonster has done for his Dodge Challenger GT. “For a product that was so easy to install it sure made a huge difference,” said Paul with excitement. “It increased my 0-60 times! I went from 6.1 seconds to 5.6! I have it set to TRACK and level 10 with no dampening. I can get all four tires to chirp! I have to really watch how I drive because it’d be so easy to get into trouble. I don’t always run it on TRACK, I do use the SPORT mode when my daughter is with me.” 

There are a lot of throttle boosters but going with the PedalMonster was a clear choice for Paul. “I was actually going to go with the Pedal Commander because of all the hype, but once I looked at the various forums, I learned a lot about the Banks PedalMonster. The fact that it draws its power from the OBD-II port was important to me because I saw complaints about the others losing power and causing problems. I don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road. The recommendations for the Banks product and the reasons for them just made so much more sense.”

“I switched it back to stock once—just once! I’m not going to do that again, because you can REALLY feel the pause in the pedal between stock and what the PedalMonster is doing. It’s a totally different car and I’m not going back to the way it was.” PedalMonster is available for hundreds of cars and trucks.