2009 Corvette Supercharged C6

Austin Calderone is getting his 2009 Supercharged C6 Corvette ready for the road. The 6-speed manual car was purchased about a year ago with the supercharger already installed and is a replacement for his older 4th generation Camaro. When we checked in with him, he was getting the car out of storage and ready for warmer weather fun. Austin’s always liked the way pillar-mounted gauges looked in cars, and knew he wanted that look for his Vette. “For the longest time I was looking at the Aero Force Interceptor gauge,” said Austin, “but I came across the iDash SuperGauge on Summit’s website and my mind was quickly changed. The iDash gauges were a lot newer and had significantly more functionality. The fact that I can set up to eight parameters on each of their five customizable pages, was impressive. And, being able to set whatever color scheme I wanted was definitely a plus. There were also more options for future expansions. And best of all I love the way it all looks when they’re fired up.

Austin also wants to be able to see the things that are important to him at a glance like boost, intake air temp, ignition timing, coolant temp, oil temp and more. Another feature that’ll come in handy is the programmable shift light function when rowing through the gears with the Corvette’s Tremec TR-6060 manual transmission. He can set it up to alert him to shift at a particular RPM. All-in-all the two iDash SuperGauges make a very pleasing addition to Austin’s ride, with expandability for the road ahead.