Instagram Queen Goes Fummins

Adriana Tarrant bought an F-250 with a Power Stroke 6.0L as it was just right for her budget. And, it already had some upgrades. The problem was that the suspension lift was so tall and poorly designed that it caused the truck to wobble at highway speeds. She returned the truck to the dealer, but the only thing in her ballpark to replace it was a 2008 Super Duty. She wasn’t too thrilled with that option because the engines were known to be ticking time bombs. But she rolled the dice and bought it. She escaped destruction for two years at which point the engine suffered a cartographic failure. Cylinder 2’s piston cracked basically in half.”

Having the thought that if the engine ever went south she’d put a Cummins in it, before she even signed the papers to get the keys, she was now faced with just that decision. She went to Diesel Conversion Specialists and weighed her options, and it came out that the cost of getting the Ford 6.4L rebuilt was going to be more expensive than installing a 12-valve Cummins. She bought a freshened-up Cummins from an eBay sale, purchased all the needed parts and adapters from DCS, and brought it all home to install. She and her boyfriend did the installation (and a little fab work) and everything turned out remarkably well.

Adriana’s Cummins powerplant features a Banks Twin-Ram intake manifold, marine injectors, and a Banks intercooler with more parts on the way. We’ll be keeping a close eye on her progress @ayaplaya617.