Gas Jeep Breathes Better for Gladiator Combat

Rob Morris has had a lot of gasoline trucks in his time, so when the Jeep Gladiator came into production he knew it was time to get a one. “My wife has always wanted me to get a Jeep, and since I’ve always been into trucks the Gladiator really checked all of the boxes.” Now that he had one it was time to start upgrading it, and his first part came from a surprising source to him. 

“Honestly I’ve only ever known Banks to be associated with diesel, so when I saw that they had any offerings for my V6 gasoline Gladiator I was totally surprised! I’ve modified my trucks over the years and have had so many air intakes, but they really didn’t do anything. But there was something different about the Banks Ram-Air Intake. The one thing that drew me into getting it was the size of the filter and the intake tube itself. It’s almost double in size with like zero restrictions whatsoever. I was reluctant, but eventually pulled the trigger and got one.”

I was completely blown away! As soon as I started it up I could hear the difference, sounding almost like a little V8. And I could feel the extra power on tap. It’s substantial. I mean it’s pretty amazing getting something that performs as advertised. I’ve been like a kid running around telling all my friends that I finally found a place that makes something that works! It even sounds great on the outside. I’ve been stopped by folks asking what the heck I did to my Jeep. I’m happy to pull over, pop the hood and show them.”