Grand Sport iDash

“I’ve got everything Banks sells for my 2017 Duramax L5P!,” says Robert Koller. “The DerringeriDash DataMonsterPedalMonsterRam-Air IntakeMonster Exhaust. The list goes on to include Boost Tubes, Ram-Air Differential Cover. Just about everything but the new Oil Cooler upgrade. I tow a 37’ fifth wheel with the truck like it’s nothing! I’ve been using Banks for years, starting with my ’05 LLY. I know the company, and am happy with the product so I bought an iDash SuperGauge for my 2010 Corvette Grand Sport to monitor some things.”

Robert added an iDash SuperGauge to his 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

Using a custom mount, the iDash is right in Robert’s peripheral vision. “There’s so much data available that I’m still playing with what I can see. I have it set right now to let me see my temperatures. It’s much easier and more accurate to see it on the iDash than it is to scroll through the dashboard.” Eventually, Robert will be monitoring boost from the supercharger and the intercooler inlet and outlet temps using a 4-Channel Analog Module, pressure sensors, and thermal probes. “I’ve only had it installed for three days in the Grand Sport, but I’m used to the DataMonster in my L5P. I have so many ideas for it!”

The Grand Sport isn't the only thing to get an iDash. Robert's L5P is loaded with Banks parts.

Robert isn’t the first Banks customer to add an iDash to his Corvette. We’re glad he added one to his Grand Sport and his L5P.