Duramax goes full tilt with Banks PowerPack

Jay Lamb has been a fan for decades, but only recently was able to upgrade his truck with performance parts from Banks. “I followed Gale Banks through the Buick Regal days, the Trans Am builds, truck builds, Chevys, Dodges, Motorhome systems, Sidewinder S-10Sidewinder Dakota, and land speed records. I’ve also kept an eye on his products like Six-Gun and EconoMind tuners, and Monster-Exhaust systems. The boat races, gas builds, turbo builds, diesel builds— he does his homework and puts his knowledge on the line. The man knows his stuff.”

“Fast forward a couple of decades, and a few vehicles later,” says Jay with a chuckle. “I finally own something worthy of putting a product (that his company has designed) onto—my 2021 GMC 3500 Duramax. A truck weighing 8,442 pounds isn’t exactly a ‘lightweight’ nor would it even be remotely thought of as quick or fuel efficient. So, down the rabbit hole I went. I knew I was gonna do a Banks Cold Air Intake from the moment I drove the truck off of the lot. I contacted a guy (Jay Tilles) who I heard on The Truck Show Podcast. I started following him and I later found out that he happened to work at Banks. He ended up being a sounding board for all of my questions. He never once blew me off or made me feel like my questions weren’t important. He answered them (no matter how ridiculous), and always made me feel as though he was being asked my questions for the first time.”

“I told him what I wanted to do and together we came up with a PowerPack. This included the Ram-Air IntakeMonster ExhaustDerringer tunerPedalMonster, and iDash, as well as an additional iDash, so I could see even more info at a glance.

With everything installed, the power is right there! If you press the ‘go pedal’ the truck will break sideways with ease, and for something that big and heavy that’s saying something. The other day I even raced a Charger and gave him a run for his money! The Banks System has really made this a beast of a truck,” says Jay with a grin.