Derringer takes America

Driving from California to Indiana to pick up his new 7,200 lb all-aluminum custom race trailer, Griffin Steinfeld was eager to put his Derringer and iDash DataMonster-equipped 2017 Chevy Silverado HD through its paces. “Of course I enjoy the power around town, but I really wanted to see what she could do on a long trip towing,” the 25-year-old tells us. “The cool part about the iDash was having all the info I wanted to keep tabs on right in front of me. Two of the things I wanted to keep an eye on were the DPF soot level and regens… and it was right there.” When asked about the Derringer power level, Griffin said that he drove almost entirely on level 6 and the truck powered over the various terrain without hesitation. “The trip home with the trailer was smooth and effortless,” Griffin recalls. “There was no lugging or a feeling that we were being held back. We just… went. Another thing I noticed is that no matter what the grade was the transmission hardly ever downshifted. It pretty much just rode in a sweet spot all the way there and all the way home, unloaded and loaded.”

“The trailer and truck are going to get a workout this spring,” added Griffin. “It’s going to get loaded up with my race cars and towed to quite a few events. I’m looking forward to the extra power, because without it the trips wouldn’t be as fun.” Since speaking with us about his cross country trip, Griffin has ordered two iDash DataMonsters for his super-charged Corvette. Looks like we’ll be checking in again with him soon.

The Derringer tuner is available for 2017+ Duramax2011-14 Ford EcoBoost2015-16 Ford F-150 EcoBoost, and 2013-18 Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel trucks.