Dave N. Gets the Best Bang for his Buck

Dave N. gave us a glowing review for the PedalMonster, so we just had to chat with him and learn more. “I bought my  2011 Ram 6.7L Cummins used, and it had some substantial mods on it, but nothing brings out the performance like this. Then I added a Ram-Air intake from Banks, so I’m familiar with the company. I knew the PedalMonster wasn’t going to add power, but I wasn’t looking for power. I was looking for a response and that’s what it delivered. I’ve built a few trucks, investing heavily in engine and transmission work, making over 500 hp to the wheels. This new RAM with the PedalMonster was like that! It was unreal how much power and snappiness were realized, and for the price it’s amazing! And with 15 minutes of installation, you just can’t go wrong.”

Dave N. gets the Banks Ram Air

“All I needed to do was install the module, pair it with my phone, set it, and that was it. Remapping the throttle through the multiple levels is quite simply amazing. Words can’t describe the feeling you’ll get when you run one. For the cost and time to install, this is easily one of the best upgrades I’ve ever bought. Plain and simple. I’ve even sold two PedalMonsters to my friends.”

Thanks for this informative review, Dave N.