Chris Ochoa’s Diesel Monster

Chris Ochoa has invested a lot of money into his 2022 Ram 6.7L, and even though it only has 55,000 miles on it he wanted to ensure that he gets the most out of his investment. “Not only am I thoroughly happy with Banks, but the level of professionalism that their team has shown me is second to none. The sales rep Kate is a consummate professional. And any time that I’ve had a question, the Banks team has always been available to talk to.”

“As for the product, we’ll I had already been enjoying the Banks PedalMonster for a while when I installed the Ram-Air Intake. I was towing my trailer to pick up a dozer and the added power… it was like I driving a brand-new truck. It was pulling hard, and the response and torque were phenomenal. There is no hesitation whatsoever. My mechanic was surprised at the incredible difference between the stock intake elbow and the Monster-Ram. He also showed me the bolt that usually falls off and destroys the engine. Even though the truck has low miles, it’s still a ticking time bomb. I’m so glad that I upgraded.”

Chris went all-in when he decided to continue fortifying his truck. “I’ve towed a 40-foot gooseneck trailer, a container, a dozer, a side-by-side, and my toolbox… all at once! I put the Ram-Air Intake and the Ram-Air Differential Cover on my truck, too. I tow with total confidence and merge into traffic without hesitation. I let my friend drive my truck, and the next day he went for Banks stuff too.”

“Gale Banks and his team have done their research and bring products to the market that help owners get the most out of their trucks,” explains Chris. “That’s a great investment at any price. Worth every penny!”