Child’s Play Installation

Justin is doing what so many fathers have done before him, but so few do today. He’s fostering the love of everything automotive in his children. Justin’s 11-year-old son Grady loves to work on, learn, and install parts on the family vehicles. “His favorite is adding performance parts and then feeling the effects as they drive around,” explains the proud poppa. “He always wants to be a big part of it, if not do it all himself. When it came time to do something to mom’s 2023 Jeep Gladiator, the Banks Ram-Air Intake was a no-brainer for him to install solo, and he was thrilled to do it.”

Justin explains exactly why the Gladiator needed something like the Ram-Air. “When we brought it home from the dealer the lack of performance sunk in. You’d step on the throttle and it’d make some noise, but there wasn’t anything there. There was no juice for the squeeze! The Ram-Air was a huge improvement! And, the sound is great. My wife is a pretty aggressive driver, and when she drove it for the first time she was shocked by the immediate response that it now had. We’re thinking about getting the PedalMonster next.”

“Honestly, we’re saving up for a Duramax diesel truck,” confesses Justin. “That would be something great for Grady and me to work on. I have friends who talk about deleting their trucks, but I tell them to check out Banks before they do something dumb like that. You’ll keep the life of the truck, and all you have to do is put these Banks bolt-on kits onto your truck and you’ll see a big improvement. I’m a believer!”