Big-Ass Filter for Power Stroke

A Power Stroke gets a Big-Ass Filter. Aaron from PowerStroke Tech Talk w/Arod is a certified Ford tech so he knows what he’s talking about. “I do a lot of diesel, gas driveability, LPG/CNG, Hybrid EV, and a lot of electrical repairs. I make videos for the average guy, who either just bought a diesel or one who is looking for a little more info on a repair they’re trying to tackle.”

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Power Stroke Big-Ass Filter

Recently Arron posted a video where he removed an S&B air intake from a 2021 Ford Power Stroke Tremor in favor of the Banks Ram-Air Intake with a Big-Ass Filter for Power Stroke, showing and commenting about the differences along the way. Arron took the S&B’s filter and put it next to the Banks Big-Ass filter, which dwarfs the competition. “You can see the differences between the two in filter media and surface area. Definitely going to put this thing to work. The Banks filter is gargantuan compared to the competitor.”

Big-Ass Filter in the Banks Ram-Air Intake

The video comparison ends as it started with a cold-start sound comparison. “Sounds more throaty. I love the setup, and it looks clean!” Want more proof? Watch this video from Greg Alberalla showing how Banks helped his Power Stroke.