Greg Alberalla’s Ram-Air Install

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Ford F-450 Power Stroke

Take one look at Greg Alberalla’s YouTube channel and you’ll see what he’s all about: Cummins-powered goodness! Take a look at his private fleet of oil-burners and there isn’t a single Ford or GM in the bunch. From late 80’s Dodge clacking-lopers to the newest RAM 6.7-liter, Greg loves anything Cummins-powered. So, in order to broaden his horizons Greg decided it was time to make a change and borrow his pal Kyle’s Ford F-450 Power Stroke. “We’re stealing Kyle’s truck today”, Greg explains in his latest vlog. “We’ve been a Dodge family for too long. We need to do some work… we need to do some upgrades on Kyle’s truck.” So, in search of more power, smokier burnouts, a cooler whistling noise and generally more “rowdiness” Greg and his buddy Sal took the 6.7-liter Ford diesel back to his shop, and managed to squeeze the husky dually in.

Looking to inhale cooler, denser air as the first improvement, Greg immediately set his sights on the factory airbox. “This stock one doesn’t flow enough, doesn’t have cold enough air, doesn’t make enough air, doesn’t make enough cool noises so we’re going to give Kyle a new intake from our friend’s at Banks.” Greg explains that the reason why he went with the Banks Ram-Air Intake over the nearest competitor was that he’d done his research. He explains that some of the outfits out there offer an exposed filter element with a tube going direct to the compressor that sucks in hot under hood air, so that was out. Another manufacturer moved the battery to the back of the engine bay in an effort to make room for more induction of cooler outside air, but Greg contends that the hardware to relocate the battery didn’t leave him with much confidence to support the large, heavy structure. 

The Banks Ram-Air for the 2017-19 Ford F-250/350/450 not only has an air filter that’s about double the size of that particular competitor, but it also keeps the battery in the stock location securely while drawing in cool air from the front of the truck AND from below. The installation was a breeze, and Greg liked the factory-like appearance of the completed install. “I don’t think it even took us 30 minutes. This is over-the-top goodness from Banks for the 6.7-liter!”