A Trusted Part Of Ram Build

Sara and Ryan French aren’t afraid to hit the road, exploring Canada and the US. Their Jeep just wasn’t up to the task of towing their trailer, bikes, and gear. “The whole reason for getting the RAM was to tow better,” explains Sara. “Our 426 Hemi-powered Jeep would overheat all the time. It just wouldn’t cut it. Our next big adventure would have killed that poor Jeep.” 

“We’re planning to drive all the way to the Arctic. It’s a long drive!” Their new 2024 Ram 6.7L is being built up to tow anything and anywhere without concern. “We went with a RAM because of its towing capability,” said Ryan. “The AEV conversion that we had installed is a great touch. We got the Prospector XL package which comes with a stamped steel front bumper with a 16.5 winch, a heavy-duty Rear bumper, and a 3” DualSport RT Suspension System. We love the look of it. The XL in the name is actually the Roman numeral for 40, which is the size of tires. The XL kit allows us to stuff a massive under it with only a 3-inch lift. That’s crazy!” The truck bed has also been outfitted to hold two snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and our regular bicycles.”

“I’ve been a huge fan of Gale Banks for years,” Ryan confesses. “I first became aware of him about 30 years ago when I used to watch The Power Block on Spike TV and Gearz with Stacy David. They always had Banks on their vehicles. Then with YouTube, I subscribed to the Banks channel, and I’ve watched all of the videos. What really got my attention was the heater grid problem for the RAM. That scared me because that’s an expensive fix! You would expect it to happen in colder climates, but it happens anywhere. I needed to ensure that didn’t happen to our truck.”

The couple’s trek to Banks took a rather circuitous route, starting in Canada, stopping in Moab for some camping, then a convention in Arizona. “We figured another 5 or 6 hours was close enough to Banks and decided to drop by.” Banks techs installed the PowerPack Bundle, which includes the PedalMonster with iDash SuperGaugeRam-Air IntakeMonster-RamBoost Tube upgradeMonster Exhaust, and Ram-Air Differential Cover. Ryan went with an additional iDash and the Dual Stealth Pod. Every upgrade that I had installed from Banks just made sense. I’m not an engineer, but I trust Gale Banks.”