2024 Ford Power Stroke R&D

While the 2024 Duramax is on the chassis dyno (to be revealed in a later story), the Banks Mechanical Engineering Team has descended upon the 2024 Ford Power Stroke. The engineers are test-fitting a prototype Ram-Air intake, Boost Tubes, 5″ Monster Exhaust, PedalMonster throttle controller, and iDash Stealth Pod.

The 5″ Monster-Exhaust with patented SideKick tip is now available for 2024 F-250 and F-350s, along with the iDash and PedalMonster. The Monster-Exhaust liberates horsepower by significantly reducing backpressure. The less energy required to expel exhaust gas during the exhaust stroke, the more power the crankshaft can use to turn the wheels.

The Ram-Air intake system underwent a few updates between the 2023 and 2024 models thanks to Ford’s slight redesign of the engine compartment. The industry’s best cold air intake will be available in January followed by the new boost tube upgrade kit.