Making All Vehicles Smarter

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The Banks iDash is the plug-and-play way to get more data out of any vehicle, regardless of whether it has an OBD port or not. The iDash doesn’t care what type of vehicle it’s connected to. What it cares about is data. The more inputs you provide, the more you’ll know about your vehicle. Not only can the iDash display and record data from any sensor you plug into it, but it can also combine data to give you calculated values no other gauge can. Our wide selection of sensors can also work in tandem with data from a modern vehicle’s OBD-II port, or with data from aftermarket ECUs. What type of data can you collect and how do you use it? Watch our new Sensory Overload video above to find out. 

Dry lake racers like SuperFast Matt, Donut Media’s Nolan Sykes, and track demon Jerel Natividad have discovered the usefulness of the Banks iDash and Sensor Modules. By analyzing the data recorded from their runs, and our free datalog analysis tool, they can make important adjustments to their vehicles, giving them an edge over the competition. The only limit is your imagination. Get your juices flowing with these examples.