2017 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax

Scott Willis has always had Toyota Tacomas, but last year he and his wife decided to buy a 37-foot 5th wheel he knew a Tacoma would not be up for the towing task. “We like to do all the national parks and campgrounds,” said Scott, “but we always like to make sure that there’s plenty of activities around to do. I mean I can sit around by a campfire, but I don’t want to spend 3 or 4 days just doing that. Since we wanted to get to all of these places with some safety and comfort, we decided to invest in a diesel-powered Chevy.”

“I decided to mod the truck as soon as I came across Banks, really. I had the Pedal Commander on my last Tacoma, and when I was looking on the web at getting another one I came across the Banks PedalMonster. Then it was down the rabbit hole as I watched all of the videos and researched everything that Banks made for the truck. I’m really not a huge diesel truck guy, but I really felt comfortable with the explanations given in the videos and how thorough the whole Banks team is with the research and development of the product. That’s why I went with Banks.”

“I bought the Derringer, the PedalMonster, and an iDash DataMonster at the same time. The trio is an absolute must! I pulled the 5th wheel twice without the Banks equipment, and once I put the stuff on it was like a new truck. The power and torque are there anytime I need it.” That was followed by the Ram-Air Intake, the Monster Exhaust, and the Ram-Air Differential Cover. “I’m getting the high-flow boost tubes installed next, and I’m waiting for whatever else Banks makes for the truck.

“There’s been just so much put into the product—it just doesn’t make sense to get anything else. I mean, a guy I know with a fully-deleted LML raced me from the light and I totally beat him with a completely legal truck!”