2012 GMC Denali 3500 Duramax LML Dually

There are people who are comfortable with just the information viewed on their dash. Then there are those who want to know more, delving into data hidden in their onboard diagnostics port. And then there are those that want to know and record EVERYTHING. John Olson is one of those ‘data fiends’ sporting a virtual Christmas tree of Banks iDashes on his 2012 GMC Duramax-powered Denali.

This impressive display includes one iDash DataMonster for recording all the data, three iDash SuperGauges, and an older Banks iQ used for its backup camera capabilities. John also installed various pressure and temperature sensors feeding analog data to a Banks 4-Channel Analog Sensor Module. This allows him to monitor data that wasn’t available with his stock sensors. He likes to keep an eye on differential fluid temp, exhaust gas temp, and he’ll soon monitor the level in his auxiliary fuel tank. “I want to know everything that I can,” he says. “One gauge is for temps for liquid, one is for electrical—honestly, it’s more than I probably need. I bought the iDashes to monitor the trucks’ vitals, especially the turbocharger. I recently had to replace it myself and I don’t want to ever do that again.”

For John, Banks is the trusted go-to for aftermarket parts for his truck, owning a Banks Ram-Air with SuperScoopMonster ExhaustRam-Air Differential Cover, and sports a new PedalMonster. “My whole concept is that I like to stick with one manufacture because their products are usually tested together, and if there’s something that goes wrong it’s easier to figure out. I know so many people that stay that they got this from there, and that from over there… and they end up having more problems than what. With Banks I know all the guesswork has been taken out of the stuff before it gets to me, and that’s important.”

“Oh, and that PedalMonster…oh my gosh, that PedalMonster makes a night and day difference. I’m always throwing it in ‘Sport’ mode for a thrill.”