2010 Banks Sequential Super/Turbo Diesel Engine

Reflecting the latest trends toward sequential boost and hybrid compression systems, the Banks Sequential Super/Turbo diesel engine combined the low-rpm power and rapid response of supercharging with the high-speed power and cruising efficiency of twin turbocharging. Testing began in January 2010, two years after its start on the drawing boards.

On the dyno, sensors collect data from some 200+ points of information for use in validation of the performance and durability requirements. This tri-blown 6.6-liter Duramax cranked out 800 horsepower, and 900 pound-feet of torque, across a working rev range of 1600 to 4600 rpm. Endurance for a marine engine is critical, the team at Banks had to make sure that the engine could operate at high-rpms for an extended period of time. The engine was slated for marine use in applications where immediate full-power response is required.

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