Ice Auto Repair

Paul Ortiz: Owner

Paul Ortiz is the youngest of three boys, and while his brothers moved on to other things there was something about the family business that Paul’s mom and dad made that he just needed to be a part of. In the ’60s Paul’s dad was an ironworker responsible for many of the structures in San Francisco that were built back in the ’60s and ’70s. After a third fall on the job, Paul’s mom had decided that it was enough and that the job just wasn’t worth the danger involved… especially if it ended up leaving her to raise Paul and his brothers alone.

Ice Auto Repair 2

Paul’s father bought a plot of land in Northern California and decided to go to a radiator school in Omaha, Nebraska. Taking time off of work, he eventually built up a clientele and opened up his own business in 1974. What started out as a radiator shop soon added a muffler shop, moving eventually to Hemet, CA in 1990 adding full auto repair. In 2003 Paul bought the family business from his parents.

Ice Auto Repair added diesel performance to their offerings back in 2006. Ice offers full engine builds, suspension, and tires for those wanting to refresh their trucks. Paul appreciates being able to offer the Banks line of products. “I like them because they work,” said Paul about the Banks product, “and all of the exhaust systems fit every time.”

Born and raised with the family wrench in his hand, Paul and his team offer a lifetime of experience to his customers.

Ice Auto Repair Inc.
3407 Tanya Ave
Hemet, CA 92545-9798
(951) 658-4160