ARP Head Studs Used In New Engine Build

As the Duramax-based Supercharged Twin-Turbo cracked 1200 hp in dyno cell one, Gale Banks and his engineers were already thinking about the next iteration of the setup. Banks Engine Builder Mike Keegan is already hard at work building the new Duramax performance mule engine based on the L5P configuration. When all is done the engine will be capable of obtaining even more cylinder flow and added pressure from the forced induction components of the original engine. “We’re pretty much at the limit of the current engine,” said Mike, “but there’s more to be had with the blower and turbos. The limitations of the current engine build are just holding us back. If we turn up the power any more we’ll be at a higher risk of creating too high of cylinder pressure, which would result in a blown head gasket.”

One of the precautions being taken is using ARP head studs. What’s being sought is something more secure than the stock offering and to have a fastener that does not stretch. This is done by using a high tensile strength alloy and a stud rather than a bolt. ARP studs are rated at 22,000 psi tensile strength, and provide the clamping force needed to keep the cylinder heads from lifting due to higher combustion pressures. These heat-treated studs are forged from proprietary material and allow for a fine thread nut on the top which will result in a more precise torque of the head. With this added insurance of installing a fastener that will not stretch, Banks and his engineers can set the boost to “beast-mode.”

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