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Banks working through the pandemic

Working Through the Pandemic

This week’s journey to the past is to 2020 to see how Banks and Duramax continued working through the pandemic. Still fresh in relatively everyone’s minds, we

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Banks is now board certified

Board Certified Banks

Gale was appointed to the board of directors at the NHRA Museum. For this reason you could say Banks is board certified. Although Gale Banks has been

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Bonneville Beauty aka the Banks Pontiac Trans Am

Bonneville Beauty Shots

In 1988 a book simply titled “Bonneville Salt Flats” was published. The book showcases some of the fastest vehicles. The Banks Bonneville Beauty aka the Pontiac Tran

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ICON Truck

ICON Truck gets Banks Power In 2012, ICON truck Lead Designer and Chief Executive Jonathan Ward, planned his next classic automotive design. Built around the anvil-strong Cummins

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Kroeker-Banks RAM Cummins at the 2004 Baja Race

2004 Baja Race Invaded by Diesel

Other than an 8-point roll cage, 44-gallon fuel cell, KORE suspension, race seats, and chassis reinforcements, the Kroeker-Banks KORE 2003 Dodge Ram Cummins-powered truck was stock. The

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