2008 Tacoma gets New Life

When we asked Roland what he thought about the PedalMonster that he installed in his 2008 Tacoma he replied, “I am totally stoked! I can’t truly explain it. It’s like I’m driving a Porsche! I used to have a V6 Toyota Tundra and did everything to get the truck to respond quicker, but nothing worked. I mean, even special tuning! Nothing worked. So, I decided to buy a V8 to give me the power I wanted, but that turned out to be just as unresponsive.”

2008 Tacoma is much more responsive now

“Before buying the PedalMonster I bought an intake and an exhaust thinking it would help, but they didn’t do anything. I feel like a wasted my money because the PedalMonster just gave me everything I wanted. And was so much less effort to install. Had I known about it sooner, PedalMonster would have been the first thing that I did to my truck. I would have gotten a lift instead of a noisy exhaust.”

The Banks PedalMonster helped this Toyota feel fun

“One of the things that really surprised me was that when I had a question about my install, a guy from Banks got right back to me. That was after normal business hours! I can’t think of any company that has that kind of support, and a product that blew away my expectations. With Banks, it’s like how things were made back in the day. A quality product that blows away expectations.”

We’re glad your 2008 Tacoma feels new! Toyota Tacomas aren’t the only ones benefitting from PedalMonster.