52 hp From a Turbo-The Ultimate 6.0L Power Stroke Upgrade

Diesel Power July 2014

2007 Ford F-250 6.0L Power Stroke Garrett PowerMax By Banks Power

Diesel engines love air. It’s almost like they can’t get enough of it. Chances are pretty good that if your truck is still sporting the stock turbo, it’s probably not making as much power as possible. In the June 2014 issue of Diesel Power (“6.0L Weekend Warrior“), we introduced you to an 2007 Ford F-250 6.0L Power Stroke that received a full array of upgrades from the folks at Banks Power. The fishing boat tow rig was equipped with water-methanol injection, a larger (dual exit) exhaust system, an advanced exhaust brake system, a programmer, a larger intercooler, bigger boost tubes, and a Ram-Air intake-but we couldn’t leave well enough alone. Click to read more

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