YouTuber Travis Hess

Travis is a Property Manager who is constantly in his truck either driving unloaded or towing to various properties all over the West Coast. He recently traveled to the Banks campus for a little upgrade to his 2020 RAM 3500 with a Cummins 6.7-liter: The Banks PedalMonster. There at Banks he met up with Brand Manager Jay Tilles for not only a run through of just how the device works and how it bests the competition, but Jay actually installed it for him.

Travis has had some experience with other throttle-enhancement devices, and in some instances, the favorable outcome quickly disappeared. Jay assured him that wasn’t the case with the PedalMonster, even demonstrating a simulated power failure to the Banks product and showing that with the PedalMonster’s advanced circuitry he wouldn’t be left on the side of the road with a dead throttle pedal again.

After a drive on the streets around the Banks complex testing the various levels of the PedalMonster Travis felt like he had a different truck. Often times customers don’t expect the amount of change that the PedalMonster can make, experiencing it first hand is quite an eyeopener. “With all of the effort that Ram has put into the interior of the 3500 it’s disheartening what a slug it is”, says Travis, “This fixes it!”