Emissions Testing on EGR Monster-Ram

Development on the EGR version of the Monster-Ram for the 2007 thru 2020 6.7-liter continues at Banks with emissions testing on the chassis dyno and Banks emissions lab. Baseline testing on the truck in its stock configuration is now being followed up with a run on dyno with the aluminum rapid prototyped part. Since the part is made out of real aluminum instead of plastic, it can sustain prolonged runs on the dyno as well as accurately portraying the actual heat accumulation and transfer.

It’s not just flow and CARB compliance that the part is being tested for, but more. Is power-making density increased? Is boost pressure raised without increasing back pressure at the turbine? Has throttle response increased? All questions that will be answered by having a prototyped part that is identical to the intended finished product.

For more on how the part was made check out Gale’s unboxing.