2009 Banks Marine at Miami Boat Show

The 2009 Miami International Boat Show served as venue for the Banks twin-turbo diesel marine program launch. A joint Banks/G.M. venture based on General Motors’ 6.6L Duramax diesel, the Banks twin-turboed marinized version of the Duramax supplies the same dependable performance, range, and durability Banks fans have come to expect from the company’s Duramax pick-up product line.

Banks legendary performance reputation was first earned in the high-performance marine engine business spanning back to the ’60s. From that time to the early ’90s world, national, state, and local speed and endurance records had been taken Gale Banks Marine Engines-equipped boats.

Fast forward to 2009, applying the same engineering expertise that motivated the 1,200-horsepower Duramax 6.6L V-8 in their record-setting drag racing, and land speed record competition vehicles, Gale Banks Marine Engines built the ultimate, fully-marinized, Duramax based advanced technology engine. Compact and muscular, this twin-turbo engine combines V-8 power and packaging in a design that packs more outright efficiency into every pound and every square foot of engine bay than any “old school” engine.

Features included:
Banks AutoMind®
Engine & Fuel Management
Turbocharged for High-Speed Power & Cruise Efficiency
Durable Fresh Water-cooled Turbo & Exhaust Manifolds
Seawater Aftercooled for Maximum Performance
Ratings for Commercial, Recreational, High Performance & Government Service

Engine Displacement6.6 L [403 in3]
Number of Cylinders8
Rated Speed (varies)3000-3800 rpm
Rated Power (varies)350-575 hp [261-429 kW]
Fuel SystemBosch high pressure common rail
Engine ManagementBanks AutoMind®
AspirationTurbocharged, seawater after-cooled
Electrical System12V
Cooling SystemClosed cooling, belt driven seawater pump
Exhaust SystemFresh water-cooled manifolds and risers
TurbochargersFresh water-cooled turbine housings
Lube Oil SystemGear driven wet sump
Duty CycleVarious ratings available
Variations of engine buildWork, Sport, High-Performance, Government Service