Why the Boost Gauge is Dead

Watch Gale Banks prove that the boost gauge is not the measuring stick everything thinks it is. All he needed was a turbocharged small block Chevy, an intercooler, and a dyno.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Boost number performance
1:40 Manifold Air Density explained
3:50 Test with intercooling
5:45 Retrieving data
7:30 Manifold Air Density comparison
8:50 Huge horsepower increase

Boost is a worthless number without temperature and humidity.

Gale Banks

Gale will use the iDash DataMonster to measure air density. It’s every gauge you’ve ever used, plus some you’ve never seen. It reads and clears codes, boost pressure and temperatures. Devices with this much information usually cost ten times the price. You can throw out your boost gauge because the Banks iDash is here.

The Boost Gauge is dead. Long live iDash DataMonster.