Weld Racing

Josh Hamming

Weld Racing’s Technical Sales Specialist, Josh Hamming, is responsible for sales and technical service for a wide variety of wheels covering street and strip. That’s basically everything from top fuel dragsters all the way down to a daily driver car. Pretty much all-encompassing. Naturally, Josh has a set of stylish Weld Wheels on his daily driven 2020 Duramax L5P powered Chevy Silverado. Aside from using the truck to get back and forth, he will be using it to tow his ’96 supercharged 383 cu. in. alcohol burning Camaro drag car.

Josh installed the Derringer, iDash SuperGauge, and the new PedalMonster on his truck. When asked what he likes about the Derringer he said that he really likes the power, and how easy it is to use. “I also like all the safety features that are included with the Derringer”, says Josh. “I drive it with confidence knowing that the Derringer isn’t going to kill my truck. And as for the power, I usually leave it on level 6. Look… I don’t race my truck around, but I want the power there when I need it.” 

Josh loves the iDash and uses it to keep an eye on his corrected speed due to the size of the tire and wheel combo. “Right now I have it set up for MPH because I run a slightly smaller tire. I also keep an eye on gear, EGT, Boost, and a few more.” Josh was also one of the first folks to get their hands on the PedalMonster. “I like it a lot! It really took care of that dead-pedal feel that the truck had stock. The difference is huge!”

He concluded by saying “I can’t believe that these small plug-in devices made such a huge difference in how my truck feels and acts. I’m completely satisfied, and the only thing I’d want to do more to my truck is to add on a Ram-Air system when you guys come out with it. Otherwise… I’m set!”