Printed aluminum Monster Ram prototype with EGR

It wasn’t long ago that the Banks Engineering Team and Test Group would rely on rather expensive means of capturing data when running vehicles, engines, products and more through a gambit of tests. Due to the cost of these massive data acquisition “stacks” there was not a lot to spread around, meaning that often times projects would have to wait sometimes months until another was done, freeing up the equipment.

The complexity of the instrumentation was another disadvantage, often requiring seats to be removed and permanent mounting solutions made to a vehicle… meaning borrowing a vehicle for testing was not something that we could normally do. This all changed with a rather advanced, but affordable solution: Banks’ own products.

The iDash DataMonster and 4-Channel modules are items developed not to compete with others on the market, but instead born out of necessity. Taking into consideration all of the required data and experience with lab-quality, Banks decided to create the affordable digital gauges and modules that are small, easy to install and advanced enough to satisfy their needs first.

It’s not just another product created to sell but needed components of Banks’ continued research and development. The DataMonster and 4-Channel Modules are used in every dyno cell, every vehicle, every data station making the ability to record and collect reliable data affordable and less intrusive.

How can you use the iDash and modules in your vehicles? Take look this article for some great ideas.