Waving the Checkered Flag

As one of the original members of the Checkered Flag 200, I’ve gladly supported the Petersen Automotive Museum for 22 years. Currently the Petersen is undergoing a makeover… it’s a makeover of the highest order, and today I was invited to come over and see how it’s going.

We all met in the Petersen Boardroom and Bruce Meyer, standing, the man who convinced Robert Petersen to place the museum at this location and has lead the charge for 22 years, lays out the future for us.

Well it’s one incredible piece of construction starting with the Stunning Metal Sculpture wrapping the building at the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire in Los Angeles.

No one can drive by the Petersen and not notice it, that’s now impossible! Call it art or call it marketing, the reality is that it’s both and executed at the highest level.

I’m an outgoing fella and at lunch I met a couple that had just bought a new 2015 Cummins powered MotorHome. They agreed to it being a Beta Test platform for our latest 6.7 Cummins PowerPack. Their MotorHome will join my new 2015 Ram Cummins pickup in our development of this new Cummins product.

I’ll cover development of our iQ Digital Dash, Tuning, Ram-Air, Intercooler and Monster exhaust work up as we do it, I intend to take you along for the ride, right here on Facebook, with greater detail on BanksPower.com

Here’s some photos from the Petersen and a link to the live construction cam on the job site!

This massive climbing crane is flying into place one of the petersen’s metal sculpture sections, everything about this job is stunning!

In the Petersen’s basement garage I came across this ’54 Plymouth styling exercise by Ghia in Italy. Chrysler wanted Ghia style to infect the Plymouth styling department. At a time when Chrysler had a new Hemi V8 this thing was powered by a 230″ inline flathead 6 making…wait for it… 103 Horsepower!!! With leadership decisions like that, no wonder Plymouth is gone!

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