Another Hooniverse Podcast with Gale Banks

So I did my second Hooniverse podcast with Jeff and Chris yesterday! It goes up next Wednesday August 5th. These guys Rock and they tolerated my alacrity and choice of subject. We talked about Turbos, my Straight-Shot water/meth injection, cold Ram-Air, intercoolers and other air density machines, plus our AutoMind, diesel and gas tuning. We also talked about my 2015 F-150 Eco Boost aluminum pickup, which is my next “Banks Sidewinder All-Terrain” build.

I’m going to find every ounce of solid, reliable power and efficiency that remains in this 3.5 Twin Turbo. Then build a Full Banks Sidewinder, a serious off road capable, totally murdered out, everyday driver!
Hope you enjoy this Podcast!
Gale Banks

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