V8 Jeep Gets Big Throttle Boost

Erica already has Toyota Tundra with a Banks PedalMonster installed and loves it, so she brought her 2021 Jeep Wrangler 392 to be fitted for one. She just bought it a month ago and has already taken it to Big Bear, MOAB, and the Rubicon. “The engine performs well and above what we expected,” said Erica, “except it still had throttle lag. It’s something that shouldn’t be in a vehicle like this!” Trying out the PedalMonster in ‘Sport’ mode and just easing into the throttle, she could already feel the results. “The lag is gone, and I didn’t even lay into it all the way and there was still way more response than I was anticipating!” 

She loves the fact that the PedalMonster has the exclusive reverse-mode safety feature that returns the throttle to stock when it senses the vehicle is in reverse gear. “That’s impressive… that’s nice! The last thing I need is to accidentally kick it in reverse and smash into someone behind me.” She also liked the iDash SuperGauge, and how it allows her to keep an eye on all of the Jeep’s temperatures. “All the things that this gauge reads are useful. We’ve been in situations where we’ve needed access to this info. Now we do!

As Erica mashes down the throttle of her 392 Wrangler now equipped with the PedalMonster, the engine launches her forward and she exclaims “I’ll never get tired of this!”

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