Banks Adds Huge Power to Leno’s Tank Car

This week’s Time Machine transports us to 2006 when Jay Leno, a long-time friend of Gale Banks, called Gale to ask him if his coveted Tank Car could be turbocharged. The Tank Car is a custom-designed giant roadster that is powered by a military surplus 1792 CI air-cooled Continental V12 engine that was originally designed for the Korean War-era Patton tanks. That monster engine is connected to a state-of-the-art Allison 6-speed HD4060 transmission. Gale of course said to “bring it on in!”

Gale and Banks Engineers fabricated a twin-turbo system for the mammoth car and upgrade the fuel system to a modern computer-controlled injection system. Using two Garrett TR72T turbochargers (which were originally intended for open wheel CHAMP race cars), Bosch fuel injection components, and their MS 2.9.1 race-purpose engine management controller, Banks fabricated one of a kind parts and engineered a system that doubled the horsepower of the car to an astonishing 1,600 hp!

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