Upgrading an Heirloom

Steve Hensley’s 2001 Dodge Ram 5.9L was purchased new by his father and is an important family heirloom handed down to him. That being said, when it was time for a new exhaust not just anyone would do. “My truck is over 20 years old. My dad didn’t drive it all that much. He passed about three years ago, and my mother gave it to me. I’ll tell you, this truck was so fun that it quickly became my daily. It only has about 90K and it is totally stock. The factory exhaust was completely rusted through so it was time for a new one. I’d been looking at the Banks website for a long time daydreaming about what I wanted to get for the truck. I started with the Monster Exhaust. It was pretty easy to install, and it really did make a difference. It sounds so much better with a deep, throaty tone, and it might be just in my head but it seems to shift easier than it did before.

“I really want to do the Monster-Ram with Boost Tube upgrade and the Ram-Air Intake next. I’m thinking that it’ll not only give me the extra power from letting it breathe better, but I’m pretty sure it’ll quiet the idle down some.” 

“With Banks, their products aren’t just good-looking, there’s a ton of research that goes into it. They’re engineered to make your truck work better. These old trucks are really popular with the young guys, and I see them putting stuff on that makes them look better, but they don’t really make them work better. Banks actually makes them work better. That makes me feel good about my purchase.”