Banks Goes Gladiating

Scott Herzberg’s new 2023 Jeep Gladiator 3.6L recently found a Banks Ram-Air under its hood, and with just that one upgrade the difference is noticeable. “It’s the first upgrade done to my newly purchased Jeep JT,” says Scott. “It was definitely a noticeable increase in power. Super easy to install with no modifications needed. It really does look factory, but the air filter is just so much bigger. I just like having the piece of mind that I’m able to draw that extra cool air in, and on top of that, it sounds pretty good whenever I get on the gas. I noticed a bit better fuel mileage, and I can feel the low-end torque and acceleration improvements.”

“I do plan on going to some bigger tires possibly,” confesses the Wisconsin local. “Although I told myself I’d try to keep it fairly stock, I’ve been eyeing bigger tires, which means I’ll need a PedalMonster throttle controller and a Monster Exhaust. I guess my plan to keep it stock was just a dream,” he says with a chuckle.