Trip prep for the long haul

Rick Nelson and his wife want to see more of the country, so to do trip prep they invested in a truck and a 5th-wheel trailer. “We bought the 2015 2500 Silverado used, and of course, I started to look for ways to improve it. The first thing I started with was the Banks Ram-Air intake because I know that cooler air means more power. From there I went with two iDash SuperGauges, because I’ve always believed that knowledge is power. I had been running another display device, some 5 or 6” thing, and it really was too big and didn’t give me enough information. Switching to the Banks gauges was a vast improvement. There’s so much info that the iDash can display, and it’s incredible!”

Trip prep with an iDash

“I added a PedalMonster to the truck, and the fact that it integrates with the iDash is pretty cool. I bought the Ram-Air Diff Cover at the same time. Knowing all of the research that was put into the development of the cover, the fluid flow, the temperatures, and more just made it a good investment for our future travel plans with the truck.”

“I’m retired, and my wife and I plan on taking our trailer cross-country to see as much of our great nation as possible. I feel like what I’ve done to the truck will help out with that, and ensure trouble-free trips. And if anything goes wrong with the truck the iDash will tell me what’s up.”